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The 3 Cs of Meal Planning

Comprehensive. Convenient. Compliance.

Naturopathic Weekly Meal Planning

Diet. A 4 letter word I'd rather not use.

Trying to find the right "diet" for you can be like trying to chose the right outfit. It may look good on paper but when it comes down to it, it may not fit your lifestyle or personality, not to mention the cost. Whether its the paleo diet your friend just started, the ketogenic diet someone from your gym recommended, the portfolio diet to reduce your cholesterol, the south beach diet to fit into last years bathing suit or a lifestyle of veganism, it all comes down to lifestyle changes and daily habits.

Changing your eating habits can be challenging, that's why it helps to know;

1. Your definite health goals

2. Why you're making these changes (How will they benefit you)

3. What steps are needed to reach your goals

Here's where Naturopathic Meal Planning may be of assistance.

Naturopathic treatment plans focus on lifestyle suggestions, natural health products/botanical medicine as well as dietary guidelines. Treatments are based on your personal health concerns as well as lab test results to help you reach your health goals. As such, dietary suggestions are individualised to you. Instead of trying to fit the patient to the diet, naturopathic medicine fits the diet to the patient.

Specific health concerns and dietary suggestions

Muscle pain and cramping - Anti-inflammatory foods

Injury recovery - High protein, low refined sugar, foods high in vitamin A and E

Acne - Cruciferous vegetables

High blood pressure - Celery, garlic, low sodium

Thyroid and Prostate health - 2 Brazil nuts daily

Asthma - Dairy-free

As the list of dietary suggestions increases, it can be more difficult to incorporate them into daily life. Luckily a 1 or 2 week Naturopathic Meal Plan may help kick start these changes by providing you with the 3 Cs to help you attain your health goals such as weight loss, reducing PMS symptoms, allergies, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, fertility etc.

The 3 C's of Naturopathic Meal Planning

Comprehensive - A Meal Plan with a variety of balanced individualised meals (Lighter coloured photos are leftovers, you've already cooked them!)

Comprehensive Naturopathic Meal Plan

Convenience - Recipes and weekly grocery list tailored to your lifestyle

Individualised Meal Plan Recipe

Compliance - Efficient meal preparation for the week makes it easy and seemless

For more information on how to get your own individualised Naturopathic Meal Plan Contact Me to book an initial consult or a free 15 minute "Meet and Greet"!

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