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Energy Reset 21 $350

Not your average "cleanse". Energy Reset 21 is a 3 week program of Naturopathic medicine and Physical training for a whole body reset. 


Your body is always "detoxing" the trick is supporting those natural elimination pathways to help with:


Weight loss

Increasing energy

Regulating digestion

Clearer skin

More restful sleep

Increasing mental clarity

Improving mood stability 

Decreasing food cravings

Reducing migraines

Energy Reset 21 emphasizes foods that provide maximal nutrients and antioxidants, fills in the gaps with natural health supplements and encourages weekly physical training. 


Program includes

An initial naturopathic assessment with Dr. Melissa, ND*

Individualized supplement recommendations

3 weekly half hour group meetings with Dr. Melissa, ND

3 weekly hour long training classes with Miranda Glenesk (Rosedale location) or Jonathan Nicol (King location)

Naturopathic follow up with Dr. Melissa, ND*

*Naturopathic visits can take place anytime before, during or after the 3 week program

Locations and Dates


2 Roxborough St E

Begins February 20th, 2018

Tuesdays 6 - 7:30pm

416 925 5706


445 King St W

Begins February 22nd, 2018

Thursdays 7:30 - 9pm

416 979 2249

Register by contacting Dr. Melissa Descoteaux, ND or one of the locations! 
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